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Yes I am a dancer. No, you don't have to be skinny to dance.

Uhuh i do.... But i thank God for the opportunity to dance at all so i have to be thankful for whatever the performance turned out to be even though its hard.

Pin if you think dancers are athletes like if you think there not or comment if you don't know!!!!

Dancer problems. It's true, though.

When no one remembers the dance and we all just look at each other like.... #dancerprobs #dancelife

24 Struggles People Who Aren’t Dancers Won’t Understand

24 Painfully Real Struggles Only Dancers Will Relate To - this should definitely make you laugh!

@dancing__memes funny dance ballet Instagram account relatable

How to Hire Long Distance Dance Choreographers

How often when you're teaching do you hear yourself making odd sounds instead of using counts or lyrics?

Ok I seriously thought I was the ONLY person who did this!!! I do this anytime I'm listening to music.

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