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a person standing on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean with an umbrella
how many sleepless nights do i have to take~
a black background with flowers and the words, come and i will give you rest
Break, Duty, and Blogiversary - Anna Angela
Break, Duty, and Blogiversary - Anna Angela
the sun is setting behind a dream catcher
an anchor with the words be your own anchor on it in front of pink clouds
TEEN WOLF Scott Mcall
the words you are my world written in white and red ink
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MY WORLD | via Tumblr | We Heart It
the word be nice written in cursive writing on a white background with black ink
Poster Spruch Be nice schwarz weiß DIN A4 ungerahmt | Etsy
missredfox - Print "Be Nice" - bnw, black & white, graphic, art, typo, calligraphy, lettering, decoration // Poster Druck "Be Nice" - schwarz weiß, grafisch, Kunst, Lettering, Kalligrafie, Typographie, Deko, Geschenk #NaaiAntwerp
the words home sweet home written in black ink
Best thing about spending New Years Eve at home... keepin warm and cozy, affordable drinks, avoid crazy crowds, being with most of the ones you love, and seconds away from snugglin with my pillows into my cozy, comfy bed...
the words thank and grateful written in cursive writing on white paper with an arrow
Thankful and grateful