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sofarsonoir-imtheladymorgue: “ Reverend Bizarre ”

sofarsonoir-imtheladymorgue: “ Reverend Bizarre ”

WE MEDITATE UNDER THE PUSSY IN THE SKY is the first noteworthy sign of life from its composer Sami Albert Hynninen (also known from ARMANENSCHAFT, AZRAEL RISING, THE CANDLES BURNING BLUE, KLV, MARCH 15, ORNE, THE PURITAN, REVEREND BIZARRE and SPIRITUS MORTIS) since the release of Opium Warlords’ debut album LIVE AT COLONIA DIGNIDAD in 2009 by Cobra Records.

Opium Warlords' new album "We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky" is an unusual and challenging release set to really make you think.