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Naruto Simpsons - Hokages by lloydvdw on DeviantArt

Naruto as The Simpsons - The Hokages First Hokage - Jebadiah Springfield - Jebidiah Senju Second Hokage - Snake - Snake Senju Third Hokage - Grandpa - A.

Naruto Simpsons - Team 7 by lloydvdw on DeviantArt

Naruto as The Simpsons - Team 7 Kakashi - Homer - Hatake Homer Naruto - Bart - Uzumaki Bart Sasuke - Millhouse - Uchiha Millhouse Sakura - Lisa - Haruno.

Hahaha Simpsons akatsuki

Naruto as The Simpsons - Akatsuki Itachi - Moe - Uchiha Moe Kisame - Frink - Proffesor Kisame Zetsu - Sideshow Bob - Sideshow Zetsu Deidara - Comicbook .

Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Batman art / tattoo idea

This is an example of environment concept art for a game. This is concept art for Batman : Arkham Asylum. I really like the look of this concept art because it places you in the perspective of the enemies rather than Batman.


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