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If you plan to practice witchcraft, then as a witch you should know about the European history of witchcraft.
Journey into the heart of the mountains with our guide to Appalachian Folk Witchcraft. 🌲🔮 Uncover the rich traditions, spells, and practices rooted in this unique form of witchcraft. Learn how Appalachian witches blend herbalism, folklore, and spiritual wisdom in their craft. Ideal for anyone fascinated by folk magic and cultural heritage. Begin your magical mountain journey - Click to explore! #FolkWitchcraft #AppalachianMagic


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Aradia: Symbols of the Enigmatic Goddess of Witches – Spells8

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This blog post explores the enchanting Victorian house in "Practical Magic" and its impact on the film's atmosphere. From its timeless charm to whimsical design elements, the house plays a crucial role in creating an otherworldly ambiance. practical magic | movie | film | halloween aesthetic | halloween | home decor | victorian | home inspo | design inspo | halloween movie | fall home | interior design | architecture | witch
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"Ever wondered how witchcraft intersects with Christianity? 🌿✝ Dive into our enlightening guide exploring this unique blend of beliefs and practices. Learn about the historical and contemporary connections, and how modern witches integrate Christian elements into their craft. Whether you're curious or seeking knowledge, this read is a revelation. Unlock the mysteries - Click to explore! #WitchcraftChristianity #SpiritualJourney
Mountain Witches of Appalachia - YouTube

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Are you an Egyptian witch looking for books to further your craft? Or maybe you’re just looking to incorporate some Egyptian witchcraft into your practice and need to know where to start. Here we provide our favorite Egyptian witch books on mythology and magick
Reading witchy books is a fun way to learn about witchcraft and improve your magickal skills. Check out this list of the top reviewed witchy books and start reading now.


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Dive into the enchanting world of Dark Cottagecore Houses, where moody aesthetics meet whimsical exteriors. This board is your ultimate source of inspiration for creating a home that feels like a fairy tale from a bygone era. Explore how the dark, rich tones of cottagecore can transform your space and garden into a magical retreat. From shadowy façades to lush, mysterious gardens, get ready to be inspired by the beauty of darkness infused with the charm of cottage life.
How to make a witchy home with a witchy aesthetic & witchy home ideas. Design the witch cottage of your dreams by embracing your inner witch! #witchy #witchyaesthetic #witchcore #homedecor #witchcraft #practicalmagicaesthetic

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140+ SUPER Witchy Things to Do Daily Or for Special Occasions

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Witches don’t always look like the Owens Sisters from Practical Magic or Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. You may have one or all of these traits and be a magical, otherworldly person. More than one trait doesn’t mean you’re more magical than the next person. BUT just for fun, here are the most common witch birthmarks today.
Let's explore the Ankh, Pentagram, Horned God, Triple Moon, and  Wheel of The Year and many more —each holding profound meanings. Witchy symbols and meanings by manifestmoons  #WitchyWisdom #SymbolicMeanings #SpiritualJourney #triple moon


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Basic information on #spellcomponent Etruscanoil and it's use in divinatory readings
Curate a fabulous magical cabinet with these witchy items you can easily find at almost any thrift store.


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First, let’s get rid of the myth that says Angels belong to the Judeo/Christian belief system. Angels existed long before the Book of Genesis was written. So yes, there are “pagan” angels in many pre-Christian religions. Pagan angels were notably part of Celtic, Greek, Norse, and Shamen traditions. The difference lies in how we view them. Read our blog to learn more.


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Use candles in manifestation to help you achieve your desire. Here's how to use manifestation candles and perform basic candle magic. #candles #witch #manifestation #intentionsetting


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The Five Elements are interconnected through various interacting cycles. In the Generating Cycle - when every element generates another element, there is harmony: fire (heart) creates earth (promotes healthy spleen/digestion) earth (stomach) produces metal (supports the lungs) metal (lungs) melts into liquid/water (supports the kidneys) water (kidney)) nourishes wood (supports liver function) wood (liver) generates fire (regulates the heart)


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"Persephone's Grimoire; Persephone printable pages for your Book of Shadows. Goddess profile of Persephone, a shadow workbook for your shadow work journey. Ideal to add to your Grimoire or Book of Shadows. The Book of Shadows is one of the most important tools to a witch; it contains all of the knowledge and information that helps you grow in your craft. These 14 printable grimoire pages contain a well researched and thoughtfully written selection of information for working with Persephone, including 3 original spells, and a dedication ritual to Persephone. You will receive the following pages for the Goddess Persephone: -Ascent -Descent -Dedication ritual -Three unique witchcraft spells for abundance, love and protection. Each one uniquely crafted for Persephone. -Orphic Hymn to Persephon

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7 of the best hobbies for witches. Get in tune with nature while also improving your craft.


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