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Whimsical Countryside Home Decor
Transform your home into a charming retreat with whimsical country style interior design. Embrace cosy, vintage furniture and homeware that bring warmth and character to every room. Shop vintage pieces for your home on Vinterior. Video via nicolahuthwaite on Instagram.
Whimsical and Cosy Decor
Patterns, colour and personality. We love Patricia's home full of vintage furniture and homeware. Shop pieces to make your home one-of-a-kind on Vinterior. Video via patriciarodi.
Home Interior Inspo
Buying a vintage Persian rug is like bringing a piece of art and history into your home. Made from high-quality materials, they’re incredibly durable and can last for generations. Not only do they look great, but they can also appreciate in value over time. So, a vintage Persian rug isn’t just a stylish choice, it’s a meaningful one, too. Shop the collection on Vinterior. Video via zhee.showroom on Instagram.
Chintz Pattern Inspiration
Print perfect. We are mesmerised by this handprinted fabric technique. Repeated patterns are a great way to add some visual interest and colour to your home. Explore Vinterior's curated edit of vintage textiles and add some print to your space. Whether it's for the living room, bedroom or beyond, add some whimsical charm to your home. Video via szblockprints on Instagram.
Home DIY Inspiration
If you're in the midst of home renovations and are planning to create a new look to your space, getting planning with Vinterior. Explore hundreds of vintage furniture and homeware to add that elevated feel to your home. Whether it's for a living room, bedroom or that fresh staircase, find the pieces for you. Video via sandstrahlservice_hubert.
Dark Moody Interiors
Moody interiors are atmospheric, somewhere you can indulge your emotions and recluse too. Get the look with a deep colour palette, ornate antique furniture, and accessories with a touch of gothic.
Home Interior Inspiration
Drawing inspiration from the glamorous and geometric designs of the 1920s and 30s, this revival embraces lavish materials, striking patterns, and sleek lines to create a sense of opulence. Mixing Art Deco pieces with other design styles will create a bold and interesting space, shop the edit of vintage on Vinterior now.
Bauhaus Home Inspiration
Emerging in 1919 from the renowned art and design school, Bauhaus aimed to break down traditional distinctions between fine arts and industrial design, producing iconic designers such as Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Effortlessly cool and sleek. Bauhaus design is all about keeping it simple yet functional. Shop the edit through the link in bio.
Eclectic Home Renovation Inspiration
From shell to stylish. We love this eclectic home transformation filled with unique and striking pieces. Like the eclectic look? Explore Vinterior's edit of vintage pieces to suit your eclectic aesthetic. From furniture to homeware, mid century to art deco. Shop the edit now. Video via sandraserafia on Instagram.
Unique Home Decor Ideas
We're feeling inspired after seeing this unique flooring idea by ilse.interior.finishings. What do you think? If you're looking for that one-of-a-kind moment in your home, why not explore Vinterior's curated edit vintage furniture and homeware.
Home Decor Ideas for the Eclectic Maximalist Aesthetic
Like the homely feel of wall plates? Decorating with vintage plates adds a touch of timeless charm and character to any space. Each plate tells a story, whether it's through its intricate design, historical significance, or personal connection. By displaying them on the wall, you not only create a visually captivating focal point but also celebrate the craftsmanship of a bygone era. Add a touch of charm to your space and shop the edit on Vinterior. Video via @claireakennedy on Instagram.
Unexpected Red Theory Interior Design
Like the brightness of a neutral space but want something more? We love the pop of colour on the skirting and radiators in this space. Great for hallways and open spaces, this apple red is the perfect pop of colour for that unexpected red theory. Looking for furniture to finish off your space? Explore Vinterior's edit of vintage furniture and homeware. Video via @grace_and_the_gang on Instagram.
Colour Drenching
Looking for a sunny pop of yellow to add to your home this Spring? Stand out from the crowd with vintage furniture and homeware on Vinterior. Shop the yellow edit. Image credits @hendrickschurchill @beataheuman @remodelista on Instagram.
Colour Drenching Inspiration
Colour drenching is having a real moment in interiors. Think full spaces in the same paint shade and furniture to complement. Whether you're lookign for furniture in the same shade or want a statement piece that will pop in the space, explore vintage furniture and homeware on Vinterior. Images via m.a.hamon on Instagram.
Vintage Mid Century Furniture Inspiration
Have you seen this chair? It’s not missing... we just wanted to talk about it. Vintage pieces bring stories and charm than you just can't get with cookie-cutter furniture and homeware. Own one-of-a-kind, characterful items for your living room, bedroom and beyond. Whether you're into mid century modern, post modern or have an eclectic taste, explore Vinterior to find your next brag-worthy piece.
Sustainable Vintage Furniture
When we say you're better than flat-pack, we mean it. We've all heard about fast fashion, but what about fast furniture? Over 22 million pieces end up in landfill every year and we believe this has to stop. We're on a mission to change the future of furniture by making it easier than ever to buy and sell pre-owned and reclaimed furniture, and our homes have never looked better for it. Shop characterful preloved furniture and homeware on Vinterior.
Colour Drenching
Into colour drenching? Or maybe you haven't heard of it before. Colour drenching is all about making an impact with painted walls, ceilings and even furniture. @prettylittleedwardian tells us why we should give it a go. Looking for the perfect furniture and homeware for your colour drenched space? Explore Vinterior's collection.
Eclectic Vintage Home
Obsessed? We don’t know what you mean. Featuring the iconic B&B Italia ‘Tufty Time’ sofa. Shop characterful vintage furniture that will set you apart on Vinterior.
DIY Vintage Chair Restoration
We love the pop of colour brought to this vintage egg chair. Up for the challenge? Or, maybe you prefer a piece that's ready to go. Explore Vinterior's curated edit of vintage and antique seating for your home. No matter your style, you'll find something for your taste. Video via @saraheartmann on Instagram.
various types of furniture are shown in this graphic style, including a couch, table and lamp
Iconic Vintage Bauhaus Furniture
Characterised by a commitment to simplicity, functionality, and a rejection of unnecessary ornamentation, Bauhaus design emerged as a pioneering movement in the modernist design landscape. Some key pieces include the Wassily chair by marcel Breuer and the Lc4 Chaise Lounge by Le Corbusier. Shop the Bauhaus collection now on Vinterior.
Colourful Tile Inspiration
Whether you're looking to add character to your kitchen, bathroom, or any other living area, vintage tiles bring a touch of history and sophistication to your home. The authentic, aged appearance of these tiles lends a sense of authenticity, creating a space that tells a story and exudes a sense of enduring beauty. Explore the collection on Vinterior. Video via rockettstgeorge.
Unique Home Decor Ideas
Looking for unique pieces for your home? Vintage means characterful, unique and in lots of cases, rare. Owning a vintage piece can be like possessing a piece of a bygone era that is not easily replicable. Explore stylish storage and add personality to your living room, bedroom or hallway. Video via sameoldla on Instagram.
Home Decor Inspiration
Struggling to find the vintage piece that you've been dreaming of? It's never been easier to find these pieces with Vinterior. Order antique and vintage items already in circulation and create a unique and personalised interior in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Video via kerryvillers on Instagram.
Sustainable Vintage Furniture
You've heard of fast fashion, but what about fast furniture? We're throwing out 69.9 million homeware items in the UK every year with only 17% recyclable. Let's choose a more sustainable and circular way of shopping with pieces that are already in circulation. By embracing unique and timeless designs, you can add character to your spaces while avoiding the disposable nature of mass-produced furniture. Shop vintage on Vinterior today. Video via Venetia La Manna on Instagram.
the different types of chairs and their names
Iconic Vintage Chair Design
Are you an Eames devotee? Or perhaps you're more into Studio 65 and the iconic 'Lips' sofa. Whatever your style, explore Vinterior's curated edit of classic pieces to add instant style to your space. Maximalist or minimalist, there's a piece for everyone.
Vintage Home Inspo
Looking for characterful pieces for your home? Enter Vinterior. Browse pieces from every design era, whether you're a mid century magpie, art deco devotee or antique admirer, you'll find the perfect furniture or homeware piece to elevate your home. Video via apapacho.condesa on Instagram.
a poster with different types of furniture and words that say i don't want to know your star sign, i want to know if you're into mcm
Get the MCM look
A self confessed mid century magpie? We can relate. Find the perfect mid century pieces for your bedroom, living room and beyond on Vinterior. Need storage solutions but don't want to compromise on style? Try a teak G Plan sideboard. In the market for a sofa? Explore all of the vintage options with no lead times. Find characterful pieces to fit with your MCM aesthetic on Vinterior.
a kitchen with an oven, stove and bookshelf in the middle of it
How to get the Mid Century look in your home
Into all things mid century modern? Looking for ways to inject some of the timeless style into your home interiors? Look no further than Vinterior. Vinterior is the one stop shop for characterful vintage MCM furniture and homeware. Find iconic designers such as G Plan and Ercol, and get inspiration for your home. Whether you're looking for the perfect piece for your living room, kitchen or bedroom, start your search on Vinterior. Image via oshsdesign on Instagram.
Vintage Home Design Tips
Want to add the vintage touch to your space but unsure where to start? Saskia and James from Howark Design give us their interior insight of which pieces to look out for. Vintage mirrors and lighting are a great place to start, whether that's for a bathroom, bedroom or living room. Explore Vinterior's collection of vintage for your home.
Mid Century Interior Design Inspiration
We're obsessed with this Mid Century home tour. Can't quite justify the conversation pit in your home? Why not add pops of mid century design into your space with vintage pieces from Vinterior. Whether it's a classic Togo sofa for your living room or a G Plan sideboard for your hallway, you'll find the perfect piece on Vinterior. Shop the edit now. Video via herstoryretold on Instagram.
a woman standing next to a table in a room filled with windows and furniture,
New Arrivals - unique finds for your home | Vinterior
a wooden shelf with books and vases on it
Storage Ideas for Small Spaces - Expert Advice
Are you struggling to find storage space in your home? Our storage ideas for small spaces tips will help you declutter for good.
an eamesal chair with white and black paint splattered on the back
Eames Chair & Ottoman Style, By Jackson
A stunning reproduction classic Eames lounge chair & ottoman. Leather & beautiful Palisander wood. Black swivel base. Bespoke artwork in the style of Jackson Pollock on the chair & ottoman by Yorkshire born artist Dale Kerrigan. A superb one off. Looks amazing. Great quality reproduction.
the different types of chairs are shown in this diagram, and each chair has its own color
week1. Iconic chairs of the 20th Century
a poster with different types of chairs and tables
Designer's Seats
All sizes | Designer's Seats | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an advertisement for ikea furniture from the 1970s's, with pictures of different items
How The Perfect Home Looked From 1951 To 2000, According To Vintage IKEA Catalogs
an advertisement for furniture from the 1950's showing different types of chairs and tables
montgomery ward summer 1959 catalog
the different types of lamps are shown on this page, with numbers in each section
Minns du Ikea-klassikerna? - Retromania