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Viťo Boltižiar
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The Ultimate Map Of Things To See When Visiting Scotland

There's a whole heap of amazing things to do in Scotland! Being able to dive right into the historic charm of Edinburgh, the beautiful natural landscapes that are perfect for hiking, and the gorgeous westerly // Travel Inspiration, Guides & Tips

2-Pc. Table Legs Set by BEdesign designed in Finland #MONOQI

Two sisters with a special skill for functional and aesthetic furniture design, Bette and Cilla Eklund of Finnish label BEdesign have dedicated themselves to minimalistic design concepts, with creations manufactured by local craftsmen in Finland.

Varier Human Instruments Gravity Chair. Lounging on a whole new level.

Varier Human Instruments Gravity Balans Chair - Ceres Home Decor

Kdo by nechtěl mít představu o skvělém bydlení a pár týdnů po tom i realitu perfektního bydlení. Ruský BIO-architekt Ivan Ovchinnikov navrhl šikovné domy různých velikostí, které jsou založeny na standardních řešeních modulárního systému DublDom a jsou rychle zhotovitelné.

One of the coolest, most affordable prefab homes we know is the DublDom, a series of simple gabled modern cabins range from a tiny studio to a three-bedroom. now, after operating only in Russia for the most part, DublDom is taking pre-orders for the U.