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some very large white sculptures on the floor in a room with other things around them
AVG Performance 2015 - Unlimited Devices / 1 Year (Product Key Card)
Cut gears out of styrofoam...
several pictures of different shapes and sizes of sculptures
Styrofoam Sculpters | The foam sculpting process
a large white hot air balloon sitting on top of a wooden table in an office
Polystyrene Balloons
Polystyrene Balloons
a large white vase sitting on top of a table next to a pile of paper towels
Cupcake Prop
giant cupcake carved from EPS Foam, via Flickr
a castle like structure with an arched doorway
polystyrene castle tower stage set - Google Search
there is a blue cake with a rolling pin on it and some other items next to it
Shaping styrofoam
Styrofoam Sculpting - lots of great advice here.
five white vases sitting on top of a table
Wonky Foam Cup Vases
Use Hot Water And Rubber Bands To Create Unique Vases From Cups
a man is painting an iceberg with spray paint on the ground and in front of him
Polystyrene / Styrofoam Ice Set by Sculpture Studios - YouTube
a person holding a pencil and drawing on a piece of blue brick with white paint
Making a Stonewall - Carving
How to: Miniature stone wall from drywall foam board.
tools are laid out on a blue tray
Egochi Milwaukee SEO Agency - Google Search
How to work with high-density polystyrene: Part 1
a person is holding a spray paint in front of a rock wall that has been painted
Carving Foam Rocks 2
Tutorial How to make stone-structure in styrofoam - YouTube
some scissors are laying on top of paper and next to each other, with designs cut out of them
Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas | I think my mom's gone crazy
two pieces of paper that have been cut out to look like books on the table
Art Project for Kids: Beautiful Styrofoam Mosaics | CBC Parents
Mosaics made with painted styrofoam meat/produce trays. Provides scissors practice when cutting the tiles, then kids glue the tiles to a dark background to make the colors pop!
an igloose with snowflakes on the walls and around it is white
Fabuloso y Creativo Igloo
Igloo using takeout trays. Directions in Spanish.
an advertisement for craft foam 1011 with white and green shapes in front of it
STYROFOAM & Craft Foam 101 - Explanations & Best Uses
A comparison of different types of foam for crafting. Learn what types of foam to use for what projects.