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"Edward Nygma" aka "The Riddler" played by Cory Michael Smith and "Oswald Cobblepot" aka "The Penguin" played by Robin Lord Taylor.

A favorite villain may be coming back to sooner than you think.

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Celtic knotwork forming a Thor's Hammer motif. Yes, technically Thor's Hammer is a Norse symbol, but I like the blend between the Celtic and Norse used.

Viking Ship, Viking Art, Viking Culture, Vikings, Thor, Norway, Celtic, Boats, Norse Mythology, Ships, Ox, Boat

With a little, modification this would make a great tattoo.

Creative individual who likes to transcend the concepts of the human herd, to deconstruct and reconstruct, to create a new synthesis. Self evolution and perspectivism, as a part of a transvaluation of all values to create new values for oneself.

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