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a living room with a christmas tree in the corner and other decorations on the floor
a hand holding a wire wrapped pendant with green and black beads on it's end
Serpentine & Copper
a necklace made out of wire and stone
Anniversary necklace-detail
the earrings are made from sea glass and silver wire
two pairs of earrings with green and brown beads sitting on top of a wooden table
Turquoise silver drop earrings, boho jewelry, silver ethnic jewelry
an assortment of different pendants on display
Stone and wire wrapped pendants after oxidizing
nine different sea glass pendants are displayed on a white surface with silver wire around them
Bijoux, Sea Glass Necklace, Glass Necklace, Glass Earrings
Hawaiian Jewelry Sea Glass Necklace Seafoam Turtle Necklace - Etsy
a sea glass pendant is hanging from a silver chain on an orange shell with spirals in the background
Pale Aqua Blue Sea Glass Pendant In Sterling Silver Sea Swirl Setting