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elvis presley singing into a microphone on stage at a concert in front of an audience
Freddie Mercury, 1986 © © Lynn Goldsmith, 1986 Queen Band Images | Queen Band Photos | Morrison Hotel Gallery #freddiemercury
a man with a rabbit tattoo on his chest holding a knife and wearing a hat
My fan tribute to Slim Shady (AKA: b-rabbit in 8 mile) - by Dani Ginzburg at John Boy Tattoo in Tel Aviv, Israel
a woman's face is painted on the arm
Realistic Harley Quinn Portrait Tattoo @thistookmymoney
a man with tattoos on his back is standing in front of an airplane and another plane
So this is the result of a two-day work, collaboration between @yarson_tattoo and @tomek.dvorniak :) Great thanks to you, you are the best
a man's arm with an image of two soldiers on the left side of his arm
War tattoo by Den Yakovlev | Post 8381
Tattoo Artist - Den Yakovlev | Tattoo No. 8381