Winter welcome planters

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DIY Christmas Decorations -Wine glasses we had at home -Little ornatments from Hobby Lobby -LED Candles from Home Depot. Put some clear tape on the bottom so the ornaments dont fall out.

Christmas Centerpiece: This table decoration is becoming a hit for every holiday season. Simply flip a wine glass over and place a candle on top. Underneath you can place Christmas ornaments or any other holiday trinkets. Would work for any holiday.

DIY Egg Carton Wreath: so cute & perfect for Spring

Springtime Crafts

DIY Egg Carton Wreath: so cute & perfect for Spring - this would be a fun school craft this spring - Keirstyn EASTER

Click image for Video - How to make a bow using multiple ribbons. I like adding…

How to Make a Bow with Multiple Ribbons

Click image for Video - Save those ribbon scraps ladies! How to make a bow using multiple ribbons by Julie Siomacco of SouthernCharmWreaths

Hanging ornaments

5 Places to Hang Your Ornaments — Other than on a Tree

Deck the Windows For a whimsical window treatment, thread the end of a length of ribbon through an ornament loop, and then glue the cut end to the back of the ribbon. Use thumbtacks to attach the ribbons to the top of the window.