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Marine Species at Risk Identification Chart

whale species whale sharks - though impressive when diving in the Riviera Maya - playa del carmen puerto morelos are sharks not whales though

Do you have the facts on the bit most commonly used in riding today? If not, we're breaking down the parts of the snaffle and the common ring and mouthpieces you'll find.

I have a loose ring jointed snaffle that I keep around, though I mostly ride in a bosal. I used to have a horse that I rode in a full cheek jointed snaffle, I LOVED how she performed in it.

Ford's Raptor is able to get you pretty much anywhere you want to go. Problem is, with a limited backseat, it's likely going to be just you - and maybe a single friend - making the trip. The 2017 Ford...

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20 Stunning Photos Of Modern Day Gypsies

These gypsies roam the UK in horse-drawn caravans. with solar-powered gadgets. Unrelated to the Roma people, such rural, sustainable communities of modern-day nomads formed at the 1985 Summer Solstice with the New Age Travelers of the Peace Convoy.

White Humpback

Rare White Whale Spotted, But It Ain't Migaloo. Rare White Whale Spotted Off Australia's Coast Isn't Migaloo, But Another Albino One!