Vlaďuška Voskárová

Vlaďuška Voskárová

Vlaďuška Voskárová
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An amazing and innovative bus shelter

Bus shelters provide a place for passengers to wait for buses and also act like a roof for them. We all know that buses are an important means of transportation and waiting for them is quite tiring, but if the seating arrangements and the.

Sophisticated Outside, Party Inside! | Yanko Design

This proposal for the Barcelona Tramway aims to reflect the core values of the city and the energy that keeps it moving. The exterior is streamlined

Alstom Deconstruccio - A Train for Catalonia Guido Dodero and Ruben Oya

Through Alstom Deconstruccio, a train design for Catalonia, Spain, these industrial designers feature unique mosaic theme inside out.

Projet pour l'eurostar.

This is only a projection of a Eurostar train running between Paris and London as designed by Christopher Jenner: “The carriage finished in hardwood, brushed Brass and Carbon fibre illustrates a hybrid of the golden age and the new.