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an empty room with green walls and wooden floors is shown in this image, there are two open doors on the wall
there are two wooden shelves in the room
Podschodový bar
an open closet door with shelves in it
Farmárske dvere, smrek drasany
a wooden table sitting on top of cardboard boxes
Agát, 90 x 180 x 76, bezfarebný náter
Agát, 80 x 180 x 80, bezfarebný náter.
Agát, 80 x 180 x 80, bezfarebný náter.
a wooden bench sitting inside of a warehouse next to a ladder and boxes on the floor
Lavička s pergolou
Smrek, 100 x 180 x 210cm, farba orech
an outdoor patio with wooden fence and table
Večer na Hrádzi
wooden slats are stacked on top of each other
Deliaca stena pre pergolu
Večer na Hrádzi
a small wooden cabin in the middle of a wooded area with picnic tables and chairs
Pergola 460*520
Bufet na Hrádzi
a children's play area in the park with swings, slides and climbing bars
Detské ihrisko
a couch and table sitting on top of a stone floored covered patio with wooden pallets
Paletové sedenie
Lavica plus stôl.
two wooden benches sitting next to each other on the side of a road in front of a red car
Sedenie stôl 70*160 + dve lavice s opierkou. Materiál smrek.
a small white shed sitting on top of a lush green field next to a wooden fence
Detský domček 4.5m x 2m
a wooden frame in the middle of a yard
Rám na hojdačku -DUB 25cm x 25cm
two lights that are sitting on the side of a building in the dark at night
Solárne lampy -DUB