Volám Sa
Volám Sa
Volám Sa

Volám Sa

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I really like a lot of outline work, I want to be like "noooo don't fill it in, it will look like any other generic rose tattoo!"

Love these colors. But I would want a hummingbird for my grandma instead

Lion by Feline Zegers

using your skin as the negative space: feathers tattoo

Tattoo by Tyago Compiani in El Cuervo ink -cwb

Dit zou een mooie tattoo zijn..

Geometric fox tattoo--I prob wouldn't get this, but I love the way it looks

Awesome beautiful tattoo, but I would want it up on my hip more. Love the peonies!

Watercolor tattoo by Javi Wolf I just love this watercolor style! This is exactly what I want to add to my back

elephant mandala #tattoos