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a man in a rowboat on a lake with lily pads at sunset or dawn
Nature reserve Zasavica near Sremska Mitrovica Serbia
a full moon is seen over a castle at night
ALIAS record
Bukovac,situated 10km from Novi Sad city in national park Fruska gora
an open door leading to a building with a clock tower in the background and checkered floor
Novi Sad, pogled iz katedrale, Foto Aleksandar Milutinović
two statues are standing next to each other in front of a body of water and a building
Novi Sad
stairs lead up to a clock tower on top of a hill covered in greenery
Novi Sad, Serbia
people are walking down the path in an autumn park with yellow leaves on the trees
Narodna bašta u Pančevu. U potrazi za inspiracijom…
Jesen u Narodnoj bašti u Pančevu / Autumn in National Garden in Pančevo
an old city street with people walking down it
Pančevo in Autonomna Pokrajina Vojvodina
a yellow building with a green roof and a windmill on the top is surrounded by parked cars
Restaurant Windmill in (Pančevo) Serbian: on the Tamiš Riverside.
an old church with two towers and cars parked in front
Assumption of the Lord Church,Pancevo,Serbia
people are walking down the street in front of shops
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Sokace, Pancevo
an old abandoned building sitting next to a body of water in front of a forest
Castle 1899 Pancevo city Serbia Ex Silk factory
Castle 1899 Pancevo city Serbia Ex Silk factory
a city with tall buildings and a clock tower
Paris by Night
Subotica, Vojvodina, Serbia
an old pipe organ is shown in this photo
Zrenjanin 2015 - Reformatska crkva - Orgulje iz srušene Sinagoge
a castle on top of a hill next to a river
Petrovaradinska tvrdjava, Novi Sad
an old castle sits on the side of a dirt road
Bač fortress, Vojvodina, Serbia