Make a Wood Knife & Wood Cake Lifter Set. #woodworking

In this woodworking project I show you how to build wood cake knife and wood cake lifter. Making family heirloom items is not difficult, but sometimes knowin.

How to Make a Lazy Susan with Natural Edge.

Make a Kitchen Lazy Susan with Natural Edge - a woodworkweb woodworking . I just wanted to know how to get to the screws to put the second base on once the first one is on.

How to Make a Kitchen Knife Block Using Bamboo Skewers

In this video I show you how to make a wood knife block. Knife Blocks are a must in any kitchen and having one that can hold many different knives without wo.

How to Make a Pizza Peel. #woodworking

In this video we show you how to make a wood pizza peel also known as pizza paddle. Wooden cooking accessories like this pizza peel (or pizza board) somehow .

How to Make a Wood Mortar & Pestle. #woodworking

This week I have a special guest with me, Pailin, from Hot Thai Kitchen! and together we are going to show you how make a Mortar and Pestle on the wood turni.

How to Make a St Patrick's Presentation Box.

Make a St Patrick's Presentation Box - A woodworkweb