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Swedish quotes about Language Learning

Ways to say yes in Danish. Learning Danish #Danish #language

I sprogget er jeg essaytyper sprogget I jeg er essay. Why do people feel the need to make some big speech about there InstaVid.

Learning Danish

Learn how to pronounce some of the funniest Danish expressions with animals. We have added to the mix, a list with Danish pronunciation for animals.

Dyr - klassisk dansk kultur



Hold mund / shut up

Hold mund

Hot compliments in Danish

Okay just so everyone's clear, I'm Danish and I would never say any of those things these phrases are seriously outdated don't do it

We have collected 14 of the funniest Danish expressions with hair. Plus learn some useful hair related Danish vocabulary.

Pain in the hair and a few other hairy Danish expressions

Some of the hairiest Danish expressions just for you. Also, if you plan to visit the hairdresser soon, we've included some useful hair-related Danish vocabulary.

Learning Danish: Colourful Language with Arse.

Københavns Sprogcenter

** Parental advisory: 15+ - offensive language and nudity ** Danes are the Italians of the Nordic countries and as such we have a reputation for using...

Learning Danish: Colourful Language with Arse.

Vocabulary for surviving the Danish winter

It’s so bitterly cold outside that a few Danish expressions about the big freeze might come in handy. Do like the Danes: complain, complain, complain!