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a knife and some food sitting on a cutting board next to a piece of wood
Turning: Pine Cone Bottle Stopper
turning pine cones
the plans for a wooden boat are shown
Clever Wood Projects
DIY Wood Lathe Duplicator - Lathe Tips, Jigs and Fixtures | WoodArchivist.com
an old machine with moss growing on it
Seasoning Your Own Wood Turning Blanks From Fallen Tree Limbs.
Seasoning your own wood turning blanks from fallen tree limbs
a man standing next to a machine with several knives in it's trays
Hang-and-go lathe-tool holder
Hang-and-go lathe-tool holder
the instructions for how to make an egg shell and other things that are in it
Wood Turning Fruit
Wood Turning Fruit - Woodturning Projects and Techniques | WoodArchivist.com
an assembly diagram showing how to use the machine for making wooden flooring and plywood
Tested Tips for turners
Love spending hours at the lathe spinning raw wood into beautiful projects? Here are a few reader submitted tricks to help you turn even better.
a book cover with the words learn to turn and instructions on how to use it
Music, Media, Games
Learn to Turn: A Beginner's Guide to Woodturning from Start to Finish
the book is about wood turning and how to use it for projects such as crafts
Music, Media, Games
A Lesson Plan for Woodturning: Step-by-Step Instructions for Mastering Woodturning Fundamentals
a piece of wood sitting on top of a table next to a wooden stick with the words, sanding your wood turnings
Sanding Your Wood Turnings | Turning for Profit | Woodturning | Lathe |
Sanding turnings is a chore. Being organized and efficient allows you to create a beautiful finish on your turning projects. Make your work look awesome.
the instructions for how to make a circular wheel