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Grab one of these Salem Limited Edition Mini Rig before they disappear like ghosts in the sunrise! Hand-crafted elements await within!

Salem Limited Edition Mini Rig

2019 Halloween Mini Rig This is an LE - Limited Edition release. This is MJ Arsenal's 2019 Halloween Special, available only while supplies last! Highlights Halloween-Themed, Hand-Crafted Glass Crystal Ball Design Functional, Full-colored Pumpkin Percolator Witch Hat Mouthpiece UV Reactive Green Cat Eyes MJ Arsenal is delivering supernatural purification with the limited-edition Salem. Portable and ergonomic, this spellbinding centerpiece is handcrafted from 100% borosilicate glass…

Dichromatic Tentacle Glass Hand Pipe

Dichromatic Tentacle Glass Hand Pipe

Unique Dichro Pipe with Marbles Like a double-twisted tentacle, this pipe will draw the eyes of anyone who sets their sights on it! Be the talk of your friends with this unique yet elegant glass hand pipe. Featuring a strip of dichromatic material accentuated with marbles, this pipe has looks to match its usefulness. Despite the cool dichromatic bubbles being on the bottom side of the bowl, it's still a fun pipe! Don't let its swirling figure fool you; this pipe can be used with one hand…

Dichroic Black Glass Octopus Hand Pipe with Marble Accents

Dichroic Black Glass Octopus Hand Pipe with Marble Accents

Unique Dichroic Tentacled Pipe "From the depths of the deep dark sea rises this awesome visage! A black body with tentacles that gleam in the moonlight, and large spheres for suckers lining its arms! Its head rising high, caved in and strong, and eyes on its side its strength is shown!" You don't need to stare into the abyss to find a pipe as cool as this: we have it right here! This hand pipe has a body of black glass with two long, swirling tentacles reaching out, each of which is topped…

Chameleon Glass Cyclops Glow In The Dark Eyeball Hand Pipe The Cyclops Glow Pipe will stare into your soul with it's eerily creepy glowing eye. It sees all.

Made In America Eyeball UV Hand Pipe

Chameleon Glass Cyclops Glow In The Dark Eyeball Hand Pipe The Cyclops Glow Pipe will stare into your soul with it's eerily creepy glowing eye. It sees all. #halloween #party #halloweenparty #eyeball #spooky #creepy #glow #buy

These Skull & Spine Dabbers are approximately long glass tools. Your customers will love the look and feel of these super-strong skeletal glass dabbers.

Skull Dab Tool

A Dab Tool with a Backbone This is an all glass dab tool with a spine and a sculpted head at its top. The bottom of the spine culminates in a pointed tip perfect for dabbing. The curved spine gives an interesting twist to scooping your concentrates, but you will find it actually works in your favor since it curves down! Available in assorted colors.

Show off your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character, Jack Skellington with Chameleon's Skellington Spoon Hand Pipe. Another masterpiece by Chameleon.

Chameleon Glass Skellington Spoon Pipe

Jack, Jack, the Pumpkin King! If you are a fan of Nightmare then this is the pipe to own. Chameleon glass has captured the character perfectly. This 4.5" pipe was hand blown and crafted in the USA. Size may vary slightly.

Red Dawn Sleep Walker Pills, is the best energy and mood enhancer.

Red Dawn Sleepwalker Pills, 2 Capsule Pack

Red Dawn's Sleep Walker is a top seller! Red Dawn is a euphoria awareness optimizer, mood enhancer, and energy boost. Just the pick up you need for everything from work to party. Buy 24 for a full display. Red Dawn's Sleep Walker helps to: Enhance your mood Help with relaxation Elevate sense of well being Supplement Facts Read through the Sleepwalker ingredients and their quantities below. If you're curious about any of the ingredients, continue to the "About the Ingredients" section…

Sleep Walker Shot - Health and wellness: What comes naturally Rapid Heart Beat, Health And Wellness, Health Fitness, Mood Enhancers, Cheap Cruises, Spa Deals, Fitness Tattoos, Flexibility Workout, Travel Activities

Sleepwalker Shot

Elevate well-being, enhance your mood, and feel good with a Sleepwalker Shot. Powerful 2 oz. energy and mood enhancement drink. Now available in Green Apple!

Alcohol Zapper 2oz Liquid Alcoholic Drinks, Beverages, Dab Rig, Smoke Shops, Water Pipes, Detox Drinks, Vape, Drinking, Liquor Drinks

Alcohol Zapper 2oz Liquid

Alcohol Zapper minimizes the effects produced by excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. It begins a systematic and neutralizing breakdown of the alcoholic beverages immediately, and eliminates alcohol beverage odors. Comes individually. Available in 12pc counter top display. Please drink responsibly

This Glass Steamroller with Graphic is a great high quality little steamroller smoking pipe.

4" Glass Steamroller with Graphic

Compact and Clean Steamroller This is your average steamroller, a clear glass barrel with an attached bowl and two little feet to stand on, but measures in around 4" long. Slim and discrete, this small steamroller features a graphic on its barrel under its bowl. The available graphics are assorted, featuring a wide range from birds, plants, and figures. Each order will receive a pipe with one random design unless otherwise stated in the comments section at checkout. The opening on the end of…

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Free Shipping on order over $5 and 20% site wide sale! #Halloween #spooky #Halloweenparty #party #october #fall #spooktober

Tall Grim Reaper Backflow Burner

Tall Grim Reaper Backflow Burner

Don't fear the reaper! This Grim Reaper Incense Burner stands an impressive 10.5 inches tall and features a ghastly visage of death himself, his cloak open to reveal a crystaline interior encircled by skulls. The pink crystals inside are a strong contrast to the dark body that envelops them, and at their center is a large diamond-cut clear crystal ready to be illuminated by the LED light* it hides. This is a backflow burner, designed to make use of backflow incense's unique characteristic of…

Red Skull Gas Mask with Skull Tube is a gas mask bong with Acrylic Skull Tube, attached by clear tubing, and stylish polarized glasses.

Red Skull Gas Mask with Skull Tube

Chillin' Like a Villain Take your party time, or personal time, to new heights with this devilishly awesome Red Skull Gas Mask, complete with a short 8" Acrylic Skull Tube, attached by clear tubing, and stylish polarized glasses. The mask is constructed of stiff, sculpted fabric which is soft and comfortable but will hold its shape. The mask is designed to comfortably fit most sizes thanks to its elastic sling in the back which will cradle the head without thin straps. The included tube…

24 x alien black light poster. A fuzzy velvet black light poster that comes in peace; Psychedelic Art, Black Light Room, Marijuana Decor, Hippie Posters, Hippy Room, Stoner Art, Stoner Room, Trippy Wallpaper, Weed Art

Take Me To Your Dealer Black Light Poster

Take Me To Your Dealer Black Light Poster

Alice In Wonderland Blacklight, Feed Your Head Inches x 36 Inches), Alice In Wonderland Caterpillar Hookah Blacklight, Alice In Wonderland Posters/Wall Art, Alice In Wonderland Merchandise Poster Art, Kunst Poster, Poster Prints, Art Prints, Trippy Wallpaper, Pink Wallpaper, Hippie Posters, Hippie Shop, Black Light Posters

Feed Your Head Black Light Poster

Feed Your Head Black Light Poster The Feed Your Head Black Light Poster is a trippy reimagining of Alice in Wonderland. One where Alice finds herself on a different kind of journey. It's a mushroom filled world with Hookah smoking caterpillars. This is a blacklight reactive poster, so make sure you get a UV blacklight for the full glowing effect. Blacklight posters are best viewed in a dark room with a uv light and are great for party rooms, dorms, or any interesting space. Size: 24" x 36"