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Before you design your site, you need to think about its goals, competition, and audience; about how you will organize its content; about how visitors will interact with it.

Learn #webdesign: Effective Navigation - What is navigation?

What is navigation?

Navigation is all about the links you provide to enable people to move between the different parts and pages of your website. Your navigation needs to address four key challenges:

Learn #webdesign: Effective Navigation - Laying out your navigation

Laying out your navigation

You might think that every website looks different, but if you look closely, you'll see that there's often a lot of overlap in where navigation options are placed on websites.

Learn #webdesign: Effective Navigation - Grouping the options

Grouping the options

A navbar's job is to create order and provide direction.

Learn #webdesign: Effective Navigation - Dropdown menus

Dropdown menus

Dropdown navigation enables people to get to many more pages in a single click, without clogging the screen up with too many links.

Learn #webdesign: Effective Navigation - Using icons

Using icons

One way to call attention to important links and information is to create a representative icon for them.

Learn #webdesign: Effective Navigation - Tabbed navigation

Tabbed navigation

One navigation metaphor that is sometimes used for the main navigation is to simulate the effect of tab pages in a ring binder.

Learn #webdesign: Effective Navigation - The role of the homepage

The role of the homepage

The homepage has a special role to play in your site's navigation.

Learn #webdesign: Effective Navigation - Encouraging exploration and adding a search engine

Encouraging exploration and adding a search engine

It's essential to make it easy for people to find what they want, with clear navigation.

Learn #webdesign: Layout And Design - The role of your design

The role of your design

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Learn #webdesign: Layout And Design - Grid and alignment

Grid and alignment

Web designers often use a grid to help them position content on screen, within the container box.

Learn #webdesign: Layout And Design - Colors, gradients, fonts

Colors, gradients, fonts

The typical computer can display millions of colors, so how do handful that work well?

Learn #webdesign: Layout And Design - What is your look and feel?
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What is your look and feel?

The look and feel of your website is what results from all the decisions you make about its content and design.

Learn #webdesign: Creating Website Content - Ideas for content

Ideas for content

Before you can consider designing your website, you need to create your content.

Learn #webdesign: Creating Website Content - How web writing differs

How web writing differs

Writing for the web is different to writing for printed documents few reasons:

Learn #webdesign: Creating Website Content - Images that work

Images that work

As the number of images you have, the file format you use or them has a big influence on your website's speed.

Learn #webdesign: Planning Your Website - The purpose of your website

The purpose of your website

It might be tempting to dive straight in and start designing your website, but, before you do anything, you need to stop and think. Why are you building a website in the first place? What do you want it to achieve?