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Read Posiciones I from the story Referencias Para Dibujos by jelly_jeongguks (I'm a Creep) with reads.

Referencias Para Dibujos - Posiciones I

Bocetos, bases y referencias para dibujar. Esta es una recopilación de todo lo ya antes mencionado, de todo tipo. Si estás escribiendo un cómic esto podría interesarte, si estás aburrido esto también podría interesarte, si quieres aprender a dibujar ¡Deja de leer esto y pica en "comenzar" de una vez! Las imágenes posteriormente mostradas no me pertenecen, crédito a sus respectivos autores.

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“@:같이 공부하는 두사람이 보고싶어요❣ @:둘이 같이 앉아 공부하는 거 부탁드려요! 항상 감사드립니다! @:친구끼리 집에모여서 앉아서 공부가르쳐주는 상황이요 공부틀..~ #트레이싱 #트레틀 #트레이싱틀”

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★彡 αrт вooĸ 彡★ - Drawing bases + Request Ideas

jυѕт αrт? ι ɢυeѕѕ...αɴd drαwιɴɢѕ тнαт ιɴclυde мy love♥

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Art book ( je desine très mal ;^; )

Je vais faire des dessins et les envoyer car je c est pas quoi foutre dans ma vie ;^; Je suis vraiment très flemmarde TwT Et il y aurait un peu de tout :Undertale, Minecraft, des humains ou humaine.. Heuuu après je c est pas O^O

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Child Porportion References. | Anime Amino

If you’re a newbie artist that barely entered into the art world, or a seasoned professional that

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Better Off This Way... (Saiki x psychic!reader) [random frequent updates]

[WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS SUICIDAL CONTENT AND MAYBE SELF HARM] I'm writing this book as I go Hi, I'm (y/n) (m/n) (l/n) and I'm...*sigh* you guessed it- a psychic. Other than that, I'm a completely normal person. I like (f/f), watching anime all night and sleeping a lot. I grew up with two older siblings that I always rely on, so it's hard for me to make friends, which also caused me to develop social anxiety at my old school. But you know what didn't help with that? I recently had to…