Edwardian Laureate Ring in Gold & Pearl c1905 - Tadema Gallery

Edwardian Laureate Ring in Gold & Pearl c1905

Gold ring, 4th century B.C. Celtic France.

ancientpeoples: “ Gold celtic ring The decoration is stunning in both design and execution. It shows two faces and at the top a rams head.

18k Victorian Enamel Heart Locket Ring with Woven Hair Under Glass, 1845, "In Memory Of" around the band.

Victorian Enamel Heart Locket Ring w/WovenHair Under Glass, "In Memory Of" around the band

Etruscan, gold ring 525BC-330BC

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German wedding ring from 1600-1650. Two hands grasp an enameled diamond-set heart when the ring is worn, but when the ring is free from the finger, you can see it is actually comprised of three separate rings that rotate open to reveal secret engraving. On the insides of the shank, a portion of the marriage vows reads in German: “My beginning and my end” and “What God has joined together let no man put asunder"... the ring is 3 styles combined, posy, gimmel, and fede.

Featured in Deborah Harkness's "A Discovery of Witches" Gimmel ring. Gold enamel set with diamond and semi precious stone. The hand mechanism twists to unlock and the ring collapses into three interlocking bands.

Locket ring of Queen Elizabeth I. (gold with enamel, rubies, diamonds & mother-of-pearl). The top portrait is likely of her mother, Ann Boleyn, the other is a profile of Elizabeth herself.

Beautiful pictures of Queen Elizabeth I’s secret locket ring. It wasn’t discovered until her death that the ring opened up to reveal two portraits of her and her mother Queen Anne Boleyn. I love Anne Boleyn

Skull vinaigrette (18th century). This could be used as a vessel to hold strong smelling substances to be sniffed...

Silver skull necklace locket vinaigrette, Europe, Like pomanders, vinaigrettes could be used as a vessel to hold strong smelling substances to be sniffed should the user be passing through a particularly smelly area.

Pair of Roman Gold and Garnet Earrings | ca. 2nd - 3rd Century AD.

century CE gold, garnet, and imitation pearl glass Roman earrings. From Christie’s auctions.

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