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If only Varric was a romance-able NPC. He's the only one to stick by Hawke without demanding anything in return and is totally adorable! - AWWWWW THIS IS BEAUTIMOUS

Hawke and Varric Dragon Age 2 (omg why was varric not a romance option? All because of that stupid dwarf bianca T__T)

Cullen would be the cutest dad ever in a video game!!!!!

One, I really thought his lion helmet was so cool and was disappointed when it didn't make it into the final game. Two, I want DLC that shows (at the very least, in dreams) the future between your Inquisitor and their love interest.

I want a husband as wonderful as Alistair

ughhh i'm playing through awakening and i miss my old gang ): and they gave some bull cop-out note from Leliana that just appears in your codex at the start ):

Bann Teagan and Brenna Cousland by on @DeviantArt

Bann Teagan and Brenna Cousland by Agregor on DeviantArt ~ Found it on this playthrough! Bann Teagan sexy talk I never knew to look for, haha :D

I don't know why this is so funny!

Ha, this is what the underneath view of a cat looks like. This makes me laugh. I kinda wanna force my cats to lay on a glass table.

amazing makeup cosplay | This Mass Effect Asari Cosplay Looks Good Enough For The Movie | Giant ...

Model: Paoletta P. Pasi, Photographer / Production: Cesare Marino, Makeup and FX: Michele Salgaro Vaccaro Asari from Mass Effect Model: Paoletta P. PasiPhotographer / Production: Cesare MarinoMakeup and FX: Michele Salgaro Vaccaro