William Hessian Art

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an abstract painting with various symbols on it
Reclining Nude Acrylic on board
an ink drawing of a yellow flower in the middle of a green field with trees
Brian Diagnostic Small Ink on paper
an abstract painting with lines, dots and shapes on white paper by julia blanton
Dissection of a Dog Watercolor on paper
a drawing of a bird on a horse with an arrow in it's mouth
A tricky history Watercolor on paper
a painting on the wall in a room
new painting by william hessia
six different colored cards with horses on them
PROJECTS | the-canvas-killer
Art Hunt in Northville Michigan starts friday!
an open wooden door leading to a grassy area next to a lake and trees in the background
Can you find the miniature art?
an assortment of colorfully decorated cards with elephants and animals in different designs on them
Jamestown Art Hunt begins May 18th