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Bullets expanded .223 vs .458 Socom

gunrunnerhell: SizeThe original image had the slogan of “Bigger.

New rounds. Meant to bent and deform on impact causing increased abstract wound trauma. Controversial round right now...

And not only interesting looking, but apparently also a little controversial right now. Thanks to Jess for sending this link to a post on the International Ammunition Association new 2 go round AP designation but do th same thing

Sanding Curved Objects.jpg

This handy sander will be a great addition to my shop for completing routered round overs in the corners that cant be reached with the bit.

Smart-Holder Firewood Holder

You'll love this Upside Down Tomatoes DIY and we show you how with a video tutorial plus what the most flavoursome varieties to grow are.

Timber Tuff Tools | Tough Tools for the Forest Industry! | 16" Timber Claw

Tough Tools for the Forest Industry!