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This IMAX ad makes use of the advertising element of copy. The text in this ad explains the concept that IMAX screens curve down at the edges to emulate the rounded curve of the Earth.

Map of textile folk patterns in slovakia

Slovak Folk Embroidery or Slovenská ľudová výšivka Traditional Slovak folk embroidery is a part of Slavic heritage and culture and now I would like to show you few examples, also you can read on the Slovak embroidery.

post apocalypse | Tumblr

Meteor strike by *Scharborescus on deviantART - impact in London, although I have a feeling there'd be a lot more destruction than this.

Post-apocalyptic Tokyo

The illustrations of TokyoGenso (a. Tokyo Fantasy) depict a post-apocalyptic Tokyo devoid of people and overtaken by nature. // Yoyogi Station {the link says it is an illustration, but it's cool}

// Cabin in Germany

Author Zach Klein, who co-founded Vimeo, has now written a new book - Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere. The book has photos and features 'how-to advice for setting up a quiet place'.

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Movable home options have expanded far beyond RVs and renovated buses. For those with a penchant for modern minimalism and endless travel, Estonian design collective Kodasema created KODA, a tiny prefabricated home that can move with its homeowners.