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All African Cichlid Species | African Cichlids, Lake Malawi

African Cichlids, Lake Malawi

Fish profiles for African Cichlids, Lake Malawi aquarium fish

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Tropheus Moorii Lufubu Cichlid 	Habitat: Shallow Precipitous Rocky Habitat  	Diet: Herbivore  	Gender Differences: Monomorphic  	Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder  	Temperament: Mildly Aggressive  	Conspecific Temperament: Highly Aggressive  	Maximum Size: 5"  	Temperature: 77 - 79°F  	pH: 8.6  	Water Hardness: Very Hard  	Difficulty: 4 A tendency to catch "bloat" make them a real challenge.

אקווה - האתר הישראלי לדגי נוי

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Hardscape aquarium-style iwagumi by Akwarium dekoracyjne.pl. The project is based on products ELOS. Pin by Aqua Poolkoh

Akwarium-dekoracyjne.pl - Akwarystyka Naturalna

Hardscape akwarium w stylu Iwagumi . Niestety z braku czasu nie trafiło na żaden konkurs Projekt oparty na produktach firmy ELOS Hardscape...

"Red Zebra" (Red Morph) Cichlid | Scientific Name: Metriaclima estherae | Lake Malawi

Welcome To Sam Borstein's Cichlid Page

"Red Zebra" (Red Morph) Cichlid | Scientific Name: Metriaclima estherae | Lake Malawi

Pseudotropheus Polit Lions Cove, Pseudotropheus is a genus of rock dwelling (Mbuna) cichlids found in Lake Malawi

Pseudotropheus Polit Lions Cove, Pseudotropheus is a genus of rock dwelling (Mbuna) cichlids found in Lake Malawi

Cynotilapia Afra "Jalo Reef" - ~3" mildy aggressive mbuna cichlid

4 x 3-5cm Cynotilapia afra

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Cobalt Zebra cichlid, Lake Malawi.

Cobalt Blue Zebras 2"-3" young adults $10

Cobalt Zebra cichlid, Lake Malawi.

Natural African Cichlid Aquarium with Limestone Rock

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Natural African Cichlid Aquarium with Limestone Rock

Demasoni-Kingdom-nice-rockwork-and-sand-So Cichlid lovers...This is supposedly what your tank should look like. No slate & visually simulating while creating a good environment for cichlids to hide. This is a very critical & harsh article on setting up your cichlid tank but his interests are in the fish & their happiness. Not ours. Keep in mind that while you think your fish are happy, they're probably not. It's a good read!!!

How to set up and aquascape a Cichlid habitat

Set up and aquascape a natural, environmentally sound Cichlid habitat, preventing cichlid aggression from the start, We guide you through designing your tank scape, collecting rocks, building rock-work structures, making caves, providing lighting, promoting algae growth,


Summary: Betta Fish also known as Siamese fighting fish; derives its name from the Thai phrase ‘ikan bettah”. Mekong basin in Southeast Asia is the home of Betta Fish and is considered to be one of the best aquarium fishes.