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Playhouse Disney had the best shows for kids. Way better than Disney Junior

Tutter and kitty from "Bear in the Big Blue House"


Tutter (born Tutter T. Tutter) is a blue mouse who lives in the Big Blue House with Bear on Bear in the Big Blue House. Tutter now lives in his mousehole, but for a time, he was raised by his Grandma Flutter, according to "The Big Little Visitor." Bear has baby pictures of him, so it's not known exactly when he moved into the Big Blue House. Tutter knows a lot about cheese and enjoys eating it, talking about it and reading about it. Because of his small size, Tutter sometimes needs Bear to…

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Approximately 24x36 in. Will ship in a tube - Brand New

Pip and Pop from "Bear in the Big Blue House" Now I'm in love with these two!!(who possibly have the most strangest obsession....clams.) these guys are the Weasley twins of my youth!!!!!!!

Pip and Pop

Pip and Pop are two inseparable purple otters who live on the otter pond behind the Big Blue House on Bear in the Big Blue House. They are cousins, and share a set of grandparents: Otto and Etta Otter. They are both obsessed with clams (though Pip loves steamed clams, whereas Pop loves stuffed clams), and enjoy the game of checkers. They often speak simultaneously — saying or singing the same thing in unison. They look almost identical, but there are a couple of minor differences. Pop's ears…

Ojo from "Bear in the Big Blue House"


Ojo is a bear cub with a strong imagination. Ojo is curious and inquisitive and makes up lots of fun games. Overall, she's a good planner. She can be described as driven -- Bear has said that "once Ojo sets her mind to something, there's no stopping her." She can also be a bit shy at times, though. She also has her own room in the Big Blue House (seen in "Welcome to Woodland Valley" and "To Clean or Not to Clean"). In the fourth season of Bear in the Big Blue House, she starts exploring more…

bear in the big blue house don't know what my childhood would be without you<3

Shadow (Bear in the Big Blue House)

Shadow is a recurring character in the TV show Bear in the Big Blue House. Shadow is a playful, sentient shadow with an Irish accent. In most episodes, she tells a story, sometimes partly in song. Occasionally, her stories are entirely sung. Shadow's stories combine joy and melancholy. She is a shadow in the shape of a whimsical girl possessing a quirky nature whose stories are illustrated using the medium of shadow puppetry. Often she will sing the stories and rhymes while the characters…

Treelo from Bear In The Big Blue House! He was my sisters Favorite! @Katie Crease


Treelo is a lemur from Bear in the Big Blue House. He has light green fur and a blue and white tail. As a lemur, Treelo loves swinging from vines and other things and is very energetic. He loves feathers and has a collection of them. He also knows how to wiggle his ears. Treelo speaks in a unique trilling manner that sometimes becomes incoherent, especially when he gets excited. This sort of babbling is sometimes referred to on closed-captioning as "Treeloese." Treelo seems to be just a bit…


Bear in the Big Blue House

Bear in the Big Blue House is a TV series that ran for four seasons, from 1997 to 2003. The show was developed by Mitchell Kriegman with The Jim Henson Company for Disney Channel. Eight additional fourth season episodes were broadcast in April 2006, after The Walt Disney Company's acquisition of the program. Reruns continued to air until May 6, 2007.2 In 2005, during its hiatus, the series was followed by a programming block titled Breakfast with Bear, featuring Bear visiting the homes of…

One of my favorite shows when I was little, Rollie Pollie Ollie

One of my favorite shows when I was little, Rollie Pollie Ollie