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Xsaras Devil

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Xsaras Devil
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Witching hour art print by AnnaMarine on Etsy

regram Witching hour Original artwork and prints available in my store. Link in bio My other accounts (personal account) (travel account)

Some of y’all have the day off today! #YAY Some of y’all…gotta head on in. #RATS IT’S MONDAY. (Reddit.)

To celebrate World Rat Day, we've decided to show you that pet rats can be the cutest animals ever. Just look at that rat snuggling his own widdle foot!

Vino rattie

Arkanys 28 - Fancy rat by DianePhotos on deviantART; many rats love grapes, but since rats ferment food in their gut, they can actually get drunk if the eat too many!


Read Joseph Morgan from the story Pura Gostosura by with reads. Klaus Mikaelson em The Originals e The Vampire Diar.

Templeton #2

Walter and I love to spend Friday nights with a box of Cheez-Its and a copy of The Goonies on DVD. Everybody else at our place can fend for themselves.