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Domáce požehnanie (magnetka) | 1,36 € - obrázok Digital Marketing Trends, Prayer Board, Viera, Motto, Psalms, Jesus Christ, Prayers, Bible, Positivity

Kresťanské magnetky, magnetky s kresťanským motívom • skladom

Máme ich takmer všade – zdobia našu chladničku, detskú izbu i pracovný stôl. Magnetky! Malí hrdinovia v našich domácnostiach. Magnetky s fotografiami nám sprítomnia prežité krásne chvíle. Kresťanské magnetky s modlitbami či citátmi sú zasa každodennými pomocníkmi v ťažkých chvíľach. Razom nám vedia čo-to pripomenúť, no aj vyčariť úsmev na tvári.

This photo capturing a beautiful, colorful, bright Rainbow falling it's rays through the Cross speaks volumes to my heart and my reason to have faith. the Promise of God's Rainbow and Jesus great sacrifice of Love . require faith and a grateful heart. Rainbow Falls, Rainbow Sky, Rainbow Magic, Bible Forgiveness, Cross Pictures, Old Rugged Cross, Religion, Somewhere Over, Gods Promises

The Rainbow and the Cross

For me, seeing a real rainbow never gets old. When a rainbow is present I want to look and gaze upon its vivid and contrasting design. The rainbow is a stunning work of art and its appearance also …

Ups, táto podstránka neexistuje Motto, Prayers, Bible, Christian, Biblia, Prayer, Beans, Mottos, Christians

Ups, táto podstránka neexistuje

Modrý koník - stránka pre mamičky a budúce mamičky, bazár na detské oblečenie, hračky, autosedačky, kočíky

Shroud of Turin Image: Encoded Information at High Resolution. Pictures Of Jesus Christ, Religious Pictures, Jesus Art, God Jesus, Catholic Art, Religious Art, Croix Christ, Saint Suaire, Turin Shroud

LATEST ON SHROUD OF TURIN: Science Finally Catches Up with Faith

It is the most intriguing and unique relic of its kind and the longstanding irony is – there are legions of professed Christians who have no idea what it is, or that it even exists. The Shroud of Turin is revered as the sacred burial cloth of Jesus Christ and is arguably the most important archaeological artifact ever found. The image on the cloth is like a photographic negative exposed to light that is a detailed portrait of a crucified man. The historical specifics include the multitude of…

Ups, táto podstránka neexistuje Motto, Humor, Education, Love, Merlin, Quotes, Angels, Birthdays, Beautiful

Ups, táto podstránka neexistuje

Modrý koník - stránka pre mamičky a budúce mamičky, bazár na detské oblečenie, hračky, autosedačky, kočíky

My dearly beloved daughter, people do not understand fully what it means to be in union with My Heart. I, Jesus Christ, came to free humanity from its slavery to sin. Sin was created when Lucifer b… Face Pictures, Jesus Pictures, Jesus Pics, Bible Pictures, Image Jesus, Lucas 1, Our Savior, Dearly Beloved, Angels In Heaven

Join together as we enter the Gates of the New Paradise

My dearly beloved daughter, many of My children will now be saved, because of the prayers and suffering of My cherished followers, whose love for Me exceeds that known to much of mankind. In this p…

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Tabuľka - požehnanie / trige -

drevená tabuľka s gravírovaným textom materiál: preglejka 4mm