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Maťka Bartolenova

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72 Crafty Sewing Projects for the Home

Sewing machine tension.

Top Tips for Crafters

Getting the tension on your sewing machine right.

Beautiful #abstract #artwork of a bird migration! I really love the little #birds in this image... and that this is still VERY abstract!

Small Closet Organization | DIY Small Closet Organizer Plans

I would have never thought to do this with a small closet! It provides so much more storage space in that tiny amount of room!! BRILLIANT!

Easy Tick Removal & Kid Safe Repellent

Completely Painless Way to Remove Ticks in 20 seconds & a Simple DIY Tick Prevention Recipe- safe for kids/pets

Jcd~wool bling show saddle blanket pad 4-western shirt showmanship barrel racing

Pretty rhinestone peacock pattern - JCD Wool Bling Show Saddle Blanket Pad 4 Western Shirt Showmanship Barrel Racing | eBay