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a drawing of a man looking at a giant shark in the air with another person standing next to him
Little G
(via Raúl Ortiz, red riding hood, Ilustración La Niña Polilla - Part 17 picture on VisualizeUs)
a drawing of two coats hanging on a coat rack, one red and the other black
Красная шапочка, иллюстрации и картинки, найденные на пинтересте
a black and white drawing of a woman with flowers on her head, in front of a dark background
Felix Inclusis | goodmemory: Manon Gauthier
a black and white painting with red letters on it's face, in front of a white background
Little Red Riding Hood and Other Wolfish Things
a person standing next to a giant bird
The Little WoodCutter Book - Petit & Small
Conrad Roset and Maria Diamantes.
a line of trees in the snow with no leaves on them and one lone tree standing out from the crowd
Life's Little Instruction Book, page 21 + wonderful winter photos . . .
an abstract painting with black and yellow lines in the center, on a gray background