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*dying of laughter* everyone should ship solangelo because all of the other boys he's shipped with are with someone and/or straight

I kind of ship Solangelo, but I ship Pernico more. They're ADORABLE, and even though I'm a big Percabeth shipper, I think Nico still kind of has feelings for Percy.


yaaasssss》》》Leo cutting right to the chase and then Jason is a fanboys and he ships it all ready and is writing fan fic and then Percy be like wait wait wait waht you mean I ain't yo type-----PERCY OMGS IM DYINGGG

Oh my gods!!! Hahahahaha

Pizza with olives reminds me of the contest between Poseidon and Athena. Athena won by creating the Olive tree, but Percy said the only way he could understand Athena winning was if she made pizza. i think of persassy.