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This is my second baby from the eevee family, Vaporeon. She's quite the charmer, very soft and adorable. I used the same pattern (for the body) as I did for her big brother Espeon, which I got from...

I've got much quicker at pattern making, this was only the second body I made. c= I still have to do the fur around its neck though, but then the pattern's finished. Plush and pattern © ~PlushieMan.

Check out my new light up holographic pokeballs

LED Pokeball with Pokemon Inside Light up your room the way a true Pokemon Master would with a truly unique piece of art. LED light shines through the crystal Pokeball - illuminating the laser-sketched Pokemon inside

F.U.S.E Corp Special: Medarlot by Dragonith

Fusemon favourites by on DeviantArt

Image for Ditto As Koffing Poké Plush (Standard) - 5" from Pokemon Center

Fun Pokémon plush features Ditto pretending to be Koffing. Lots of plush bumps, plus embroidered eyes, mouth, and symbol.


I got a couple of requests for this pattern, but more than anything I just wanted to make it so my Dolphin Plush could have a little friend A little palm-sized narwhal! There’s s… (Diy Baby Toys)