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Bible 2

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the god damn thorn

The squad

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Inspo: Resurrection

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Moments later, the deed was done.
E iakemorph I don't think enough retellings of the Cain and Abei story make note of me fact that nobody had ever been killed or even died before when it happened. Cain had no idea beating his brother to death could possibly be a bad thing a iakemorph Cain really did fuck around and find am % one-lor-aII-plus-ullra Cai... #textpost #memes #tumblr #tumblrpost #iakemorph #dont #retellings #cain #abei #story #make #note #fact #ever #been #even #died #happened #idea #beating #brother #could #pic

Inspo: Cain

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21 Brilliant Tumblr Posts Deserving Of Your Attention Today

Inspo: The Last Supper

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Cheezburger.com - Crafted from the finest Internets.
Bad Girls Throughout History - Ann Shen:

Inspo: Eden

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Twenty-Eight Assorted Dumb Posts For The Bored Brains - Memebase - Funny Memes


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These Shower Memes Are A Brilliant Play On Common Stereotypes

Christianity And Church History

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Summer is coming.
Me: "Our teeth don't grow back." Vampire: *HORRIFED GASP*

Angels and heaven

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Joseph Geefs, Guillaume Geefs, Lucifer statue #greekstatue Joseph Geefs, Guillaume Geefs, Lucifer statue

Luci and Hell in general

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suck a lemon, little manS
suck a lemon, little man
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“You either die a Capricorn or live long enough to become an Aries”. Late Easter post, but…oh well
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If the bible were a D&D game.
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God: where’s Abel? Cain: fuck ifl know??? I’m not in charge of him ªthewitchway It is TRAGIC that you can’t read this in the original Hebrew. God: Where’s the Sheepkeeper? Cain: Do I LOOK like a Brotherkeeper? God: hey where’s Abel??? Cain: - iFunny