Modern embroidery supplies

Modern hand embroidery supplies: fabric, embroidery hoops, scissors, thread and floss, needle minders, patterns and kits.
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two trays filled with different types of yarn and crochet hooks next to each other
Modern embroidery supplies: fabrics, thread, floss, hoops, scissors and more
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several pairs of scissors, yarn and crochet hooks on a white table top
Hand embroidery supplies for a modern maker
Everything from cotton and linen fabrics, plastic and wooden hoops, to thread and scissors
Modern embroidery supplies
For a modern maker. Learn hand embroidery today!
several different colored spools of thread in boxes on a table with other crafting supplies
Modern hand embroidery supplies
To inspire your next project #embroidery #handembroideryforbeginners #handembroiderypatterns #stitching #modernembroidery
small round cushions with embroidered flowers on them are arranged in a circle and placed on a white surface