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Unusually Natural Ways To Dye Your Clothes
a purple and blue handbag sitting on top of a black table next to a white cord My zip and go bag made with my ice dyed fabrics.
a dress on a mannequin with a white shirt and brown tie dye pattern
Kimono Ice Dyed Tie Dye Coverup Lg/xl Marissa's | Etsy
$52 - Kimono Ice dyed tie dye Coverup Lg/XL by ASPOONFULOFCOLORS Find this item on
a piece of cloth with various designs on it
Work in progress! Natural dyeing and rusting + hand stitching. By Ann Stephens
a woman is making edible flowers in her home garden area, while she's working on the flower arrangement
This Designer Uses Garbage To Create Truly Magical Clothing
This Designer Uses Flower Waste To Make Truly Magical Clothing. Kinda like tie-dye. Cara Marie Piazza.
dried flowers on a piece of white paper
Leave it to dear friend and celebrated photographer Andrea Gentl, and natural dyer and textile designer Cara Marie Piazza, to show us how utterly dreamy wilted, decaying and dead flowers can be. With Andrea behind the lens and Cara sharing design tricks of the trade, the two recently joined forces to create this stunning natural dye tutorial. While many would toss a wilted bouquet, Andrea and Cara have long seen it as something beautiful and transformative. Andrea shoots the process of decay ...
a woman is standing in the middle of a dirt road with a hat on her head
Vogue Spain July 2017 Imaan Hammam by Boo George
Vogue Spain July 2017 Imaan Hammam by Boo George
someone is working on an art project with colored paper and scissors, while another person holds the string in their hand
Sun Print Fabric with a Twist
Sun Print Fabric with a Twist
a woman in white shirt and black pants holding a cup with blue dye on it
Learn How to Ice Dye | Easy Step-By-Step DIY Tutorial (updated Aug 2021)
how to ice dye in a few easy steps! learn how to DIY the perfect linen throw for your living room refresh with this easy project. boho modern blanket using procion dye.
a piece of art that looks like it has been dyed with blue and red colors
Snow Dyeing and a Sweater
fiberstudio: Snow Dyeing and a Sweater
an abstract painting with leaves on it
Julie Pishny Textiles Julie Pishny
Ecoprint Scarf by Julie Pishny
an abstract painting of blue leaves and flowers
sun print tote
Tutorial on how to make sun prints onto fabric using things from nature @alisaburke: sun print tote
an abstract painting with purple and blue colors
Snow Dyeing Tutorial
Tutorial on Hand Dyeing - Snow Dyeing