Taping for 3 common running injuries: IT Band, Shin Splints and Plantar Fascitis

Let's Go to the Tape

Taping for 3 common running injuries: IT Band, Shin Splints and Plantar Fascitis Cochran-Smith Cochran-Smith Cochran-Smith Ojerholm. Gotta try this for my aching feet!

Kinesio Taping for Stabilizing Shoulder

Kinesio Taping for Stabilizing Shoulder - search your specific injusry and there might be a kinesio taping method to help!

KT Tape SI Joint application

OT's are qualified in KT Tape which can be used to take pressure off of the associated musculature, create additional space by manipulating the fascia, and increase circulation to the area for a sense of pain relief and support.

Elastic Taping in Conjunction with Lymphedema Treatment

Kinesio taping, helps with the flow of lymphatic fluid, it works wonders, TM I think it may work, but I tore off the tape and it damaged my skin. I need to learn to take off the tape correctly

Kinesio tape for shoulder pain after stroke

ProMed Products Xpress offers amazing prices on Kinesio Tex Precut - Shoulder Application and other professional Therapeutic Tape

How To Tape An Ankle Sprain | SPORTS STRAPPING TAPE

Ankle sprain injury recovery time sprained ankle foot,twisted ankle vs sprained ankle what can u do for a sprained ankle,what to do if u have a sprained ankle sprain recovery time.

trigger point explained with animation ... Your thoughts???

Very cool video explaining trigger points and their effect on the body. Dealing with Trigger Point issues yourself? Call us today to learn more about Dry Needling Trigger Point Therapy

Kinesiotape - a certification that I would like to do in the future.

Not sure how apply your kinesiology tape? We’ve got the best kinesiology taping instructions for a wide variety of conditions all in one place!

KT Tape: Hip Flexor

4 Hip Flexor Stretches to Relieve Tight Hips: Kinesiology Tape for Hip Flexor Pain