Useful guide for massage therapists and self care for headache massage. Use in combination with hot and cold stones and Clear My Head Ache massage oils to get fast relief!

NHI is one of California's top massage therapy schools. Our program thoroughly covers the art and the business behind massage.

Reflexology with hot stone, all the rage! And feels AMAZING!

Hot stone reflexology massage on the feet is very soothing and relaxes the entire body from head to toe.

Hot Stones Massage Techniques - Equipment Overview

Here's a quick demonstration of the equipment and tools needed to provide a hot stones massage. This type of massage shouldn't be performed unless you are qu.

Massage Therapy : Hot Stone Massage

Before using hot stones in massage, the stones should be set out until they reach a comfortable temperature. Give or receive a hot stone massage with tips fr.

I think face massage is wonderful, but didn't realize all the benefits of many facial massage techniques!

Example of a hot or cold stone Facial Massage. (Inc in their 45 minute Facial Fusion Massage session)

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