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a bunch of glass hanging from a ceiling
seed cloud installation rectangular | OCHRE
two pictures of the same room with mushrooms and stars on the wall, one in blue and white
Wichteltür und Feentür kaufen ► echt Erzgebirge ► mit Zubehör
Wer auch immer hinter dieser kleinen Tür wohnt - er hat einen Freund, der ihm nachts das Licht anmacht...
a birdhouse, power cord, and other items are laid out on the floor
m é l i m é l o: Vogelhaus-Leuchte
different types of light bulbs are shown in this diagram, with the names and symbols below
Bulb shapes sizes
Tipos de lampada
a light that is on the side of a wall
Cow Parsley Wall Lamp
Cow Parsley Wall Lamp – Hannah Nunn
a light that is on top of a table next to a wall with some flowers
Unusual glowing parchment lighting with a cosy glow by designer/maker Hannah Nunn
Lighting – Hannah Nunn