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Mark Tumang ❤️ this princess concept is gorge. I really wish I could see the dress in full but all I can find is this pic.

Historically accurate Belle.

Maria Elena Naggi’s take on Belle from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” This richly detailed oil painting clearly draws its inspiration from Francois Boucher’s “Portrait of Madame Pompadour.

Ballgown ca. 1865. "The straw embroidery on this dress makes it particularly spectacular worn over a crinoline," says Europeana blog about photo (by Christa Losta), from the Vienna Museum.

Ballgown, around 1865 Foto: Christa Losta © Wien Museum The straw embroidery on this dress makes it particularly spectacular worn over a crinoline, which was in fashion between and came to a.

Evening dress. French, 1910

French Dress, 1910 (back view) - by Weeks (French) - Silk, metal - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Style: Art Nouveau <> (vintage lady, edwardian)

Vintage Princess - Belle by selinmarsou on deviantART

Hehe I bet everyone thought that I won't finish my Vintage Princesses series XD Yeah, I know, I'm slow but I haven't got inspiration for these in the la.

1950s Balmain evening dress, from LES ARTS DECORATIFS

Balmain evening dress, From Les Arts Decoratifs. I would love this if it didn't have that giant, awkward flower.

Potential male or female character (coat)

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Jacques Fath 1948

Evening dress and petticoat

Evening dress (robe de gala) Jacques Fath Paris 1948 spring/summer Silk satin, embroidered by Rébé with sequins and beads Worn by Lady Alexandra Howard-Johnston (later Lady Dacre) was the wife of the Naval Attaché to Paris,