Sleeve cuff from Marie Antoinette's dress 1780.

tiny-librarian: Sleeve cuff from Marie Antoinette’s Dress, 1780 That actually has nothing to do with Marie Antoinette. It’s a sleeve from a British gown in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum Good catch! I wonder why people make stuff up.

Homemade Halloween Costume | Marie Antoinette by Jessica Quirk of What I Wore

Homemade Halloween: Marie Antoinette

The robe à la polonaise or polonaise is a woman's garment, consisting of a gown with a cutaway, draped and swagged overskirt, worn over an underskirt or petticoat. From the late nineteenth century, the term polonaise also described a fitted overdress which extended into long panels over the underskirt, but was not necessarily draped or swagged.

Costume from the movie “Marie Antoinette”. This movie has included many detail, and their costumes are really really gorgeous!

Rococo Inspired ~ Style Bible Life Ball 2014 photos by Inge Prader

Love the butterflies on this wig :) Style Bible Life Ball 2014 photos (unretouched) by Inge Prader

Gorgeous Marie Antoinette Shoes for Wedding

Because it is the birthday of my best friend for 25 years, Marie by Laetitia on Etsy