Sleeve cuff from Marie Antoinette's dress 1780.

tiny-librarian: Sleeve cuff from Marie Antoinette’s Dress, 1780 That actually has nothing to do with Marie Antoinette. It’s a sleeve from a British gown in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum Good catch! I wonder why people make stuff up.

Homemade Halloween Costume | Marie Antoinette by Jessica Quirk of What I Wore

Homemade Halloween: Marie Antoinette

Rococo Inspired ~ Style Bible Life Ball 2014 photos by Inge Prader

Love the butterflies on this wig :) Style Bible Life Ball 2014 photos (unretouched) by Inge Prader

Historically Accurate Belle

Historically Accurate Belle AH love this even more than original belle. I think they should use this in a movie :D

Evolución de la moda del siglo XVIII, (1720-1780). Barroco hasta 1729, Rococó 1730-1760, Neoclásico a partir de 1761.

Evolution of the fashion of the eighteenth century, Baroque until Rococo Neoclassic from

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