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I did this lesson today with 6th 7th and 8th grade, but I have done simpler versions with 4th and 5th in prior years. We drew spooky houses on watercolor paper. I gave them a few example of houses. They started with the basic shape, a rectangle or square. Then they could choose a triangular … Continue reading Middle School Spooky Houses

HALLOWEEN ART LESSON- Spooky Houses in Watercolor & Oil Pastel. Here's a great Halloween art lesson for any grade level. These Spooky Houses can be easily adapted for grade and up.


ide til arbeid med dyr om vinteren.

10 Easy and Fun Ted Harrison Art Projects for Kids

Ted Harrison thought it was a compliment that children could understand his art. That's why they'll also love these Ted Harrison Art Projects for Kids!

1. Start with three circles. Notice that the middle circle is slightly larger. 2. Add a muzzle. Draw curving lines for the neck, belly and back. 3. Draw a nose and an eye. Add a line for the mouth. Draw an ear. Draw a tail. Begin the legs. 4. Complete all four legs. Add toes to the paws. 5. Erase extra lines. 6 Shade and color your dachshund.

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Fast and fun for right before winter break