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cars parked on the side of a street next to tall buildings and people walking by
an old tram car is parked on the street
Oslo, Norway
several boats are docked in the water at night
Oslo, Norway
a snowy street lined with small buildings and snow covered ground in the foreground is a row of red houses
X mas time - Drøbak city, Norway
a person walking down the street in front of some buildings with lights strung over them
Tromsø, Norway: So Much More Than The Northern Lights
a snowy street lined with trees and benches
Oslo, Norway
people are walking down the street in front of buildings
McDonalds in Bergen >>
the walkway is lined with chairs and umbrellas next to the water's edge
oslo | norge | operahuset mot havnelageret
two people walking down the sidewalk in front of some houses with mountains in the background
norway europe summer cities city aesthetic scandinavian mountains holiday vacation beautiful dog flowers nature
people are standing outside near some trees and food trucks in front of a large house
Festival in Bergen, Norway
an empty cobblestone street with red houses in the background and a tree on one side
Oslo Norway Damstredet & Telthusbakken
Norway oslo norwegian Scandinavian europe summer sweden swedish nordic old neighborhood Damstredet & Telthusbakken
houses on the hillside overlooking a body of water
Bolig til salgs | FINN Eiendom
several colorful buildings line the street in front of each other with people sitting at tables