I would love to do artistic finish for when closed (RM) Podpad: | Community Post: 15 Incredibly Satisfying Space-Saving Furniture Designs

15 Incredibly Satisfying Space-Saving Furniture Designs

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Best DIY Furniture & Shelf Ideas 2017 / 2018 Podpad It’s multifunctional and saves space. The Podpad is a wall-mounted desk and storage unit that folds ope

mirrored stair wall? House D / HHF Architects

Gallery of House D / HHF Architects - 9

unexpected space by taking white camouflage fabric for a curtain filtering outside light and a mirror as a wall, House D / HHF Architects :: 네이버 블로그

Aires Mateus to design architecture school with a house-shaped entrance

Aires Mateus has won a competition to design a new school of architecture in Tournai, Belgium, with designs for a complex featuring a house-shaped entrance.

Museo de la Sal / Malcotti Roussey Architectes + Thierry Gheza

Museo de la Sal / Malcotti Roussey Architectes + Thierry Gheza

Museo de la Sal / Malcotti Roussey Architectes + Thierry Gheza stone and corten - nice contrast

caixa forum - herzog & de meuron

caixa forum - herzog & de meuron - Madrid The CaixaForum arts centre, which opened earlier this year in Madrid, Spain, incorporates walls from a power station that previously occupied the site. It includes galleries, administrative offices and a restauran

moving bookshelf / room divider *** Una libreria che funge da divisorio. Un'idea stupenda per ambienti spaziosi.

Des portes coulissantes pour agrandir et décorer votre intérieur

Finn Wilkie — Peter Zumthor, Kolumba Museum, Cologne, 2007 ...

Kolumba, The Art museum of the Archdiocese of Cologne in Germany. An architecture rehab project by the nenowned swiss architect Peter Zumthor ( Pritzker prize that delicately design rises from the ruins of a Gothic church destructed during the world.

Daoiz y Velarde Cultural Center Rafael De La-Hoz

Always find inspiration where old meets new. My world is filled with 'contrasts'- light/dark, soft/rough, old/new, antique/modern. Daoiz y Velarde Cultural Center Rafael De La-Hoz

This slide is the literal coolest. Kids room I love love this multiple kiddos this project makes space saving easy

Add an Element of Fun with Indoor Slides

bed frame Bunk beds with a slide. My grown ass wants this! It'll be fun getting out of bed in the morning. bunk beds awesome bed room L.

Kolumba Art Museum. Peter Zumthur

The new Kolumba Art Museum designed by Peter Zumthor transfers the sum of the existing fragments into one complete building. The Kolumba Art Museum in