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a bulletin board with sticky notes attached to it and the words tgif time
a pink and white poster with the words, tips for interviewing students about their teacher's work
Teacher Interview Tips to Help you Land the Job - Teaching with Kaylee B
a binder that has some writing on it
Common Core Data Checklists! {Math and ELA} (What the Teacher Wants!)
the progress monitoring sticky notes are lined up on top of each other, with text reading progress monitoring sticky notes created by charlie's classroom
the top 10 cooperative learning activities for children to learn in their own home or classroom
10 Top Cooperative Learning Strategies (and some tech tools that could come in handy)  BY NEIL JARRETT | Into the Driver's Seat
a poster with the words discussion and instructions for students to learn how to use them
Student Led Discussion Strategies for Whole Class Discussion
the instagram page on instagram's twitter account shows an image of a book with
a poster with the words, lesson reflection questions and what do you want to learn?
10 Best Writing Prompts for High School English 💯 high school creative writing assignments
a piece of paper with some writing on it
Quality Work Alert: INSPECT what you EXPECT - At Whit’s End
the printable guide to check for understanding