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Me too (Im part of the fandom) Love you PJ and HOO! ;)

Don't hate on Hera for tryin to stop the apocalypse by going behind Zeus's back and separating ur OTP for a little bit so the Roman and Greek camps could combine into a massive fighting force to take down Gaea

Camp Jupiter and Camp Halfblood

"I have a army. "Oh yeah? Well, we have a Clarisse." Percy replied sassily<<<< Clarisse in the background with demon eyes in a cage with bones in it XD

This is very accurate, the HP fans and others are so much more sane than us, that's personally fine with me XD<<< ha ha ha! That's funny! Harry Potter is not that sane, we're actually crazy. We would be trying to fly our brooms and Hippogiffs and whatnot. Still love Percy Jackson but Harry Potter makes me go more insane. My three favorite characters died in HP, not a single one of my favorites died in PJ. Those kind of things make people insane.

It's true. And look at the divergent fandom, looking over the edge. I think their about to jump next. Well they are not the first jumper this time.

You see, my mom would understand because my brother and I are constantly talking about the dam snack bar.

And I want some dam french fries! <--I want a dam t-shirt! Only the dam percy jackson fans would get this! <<<< do you get it and are still sane or are you an insane pjo fan

annabeth, hazel, jason, leo, nico, percy jackson, piper, pjo, rick ...

Oh Leo.XD and I feel like Percy would get distracted by like cookies or something. So like the camera guy would say "say cheese" and like leo would trip and percy would be like drooling over blue cookies XD