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a person holding a white pen in their left hand
30 Beautiful Calligraphy GIFs You Can't Stop Watching
It's very rare to find nice handwriting nowadays. It's even rarer to find someone who's well-versed in the art of calligraphy. Gone are the days when notebooks looked less like a bunch of pages written in Morse Code and more like eye candy. This is understandable, in a way; with how far technology has come, touchtyping makes it possible to type out thoughts and important notes faster than if one were to write it down. Handwriting has become a lost…
two pictures of people in the shower with their faces covered
19 Photos Only People Growing Up With Siblings Will Understand
19 Photos of Growing Up With Siblings - Families grow up but don't grow apart. Our siblings are always by our side.
many stacks of papers stacked on top of each other
15 Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logics - Funny
Cat logic
a brown dog standing on top of a kitchen counter
funny dogs - Dump A Day
funny dogs.... My dogs are so scared of the vacuum, too! Why are dogs so afraid of vacuums????
the cat is peeking out from behind some wooden planks with caption that says, you plowise? really pwomise you killed da spider?
31 Cats Who Have Seen Things You Wouldn't Believe
This would probably be annabeth and percy if she saw a spider
an info sheet showing the different types of baby food and how to use it in this post
Pregnancy Week by Week: How Big Is Your Baby This Week?
You have just discovered that you are pregnant. A little life is growing inside you – how awesome is that? Now you are scouring the net to find out as much as you can about your growing baby. Let us lend you a hand!
a toilet paper dispenser hanging from the side of a wall with words above it
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